Transportation of monitors and TVs

There are few ways to transport LCD and plasma TVs and monitors with They all boil down to one thing – nothing should affect the screen. Excluded pressure on a fragile surface that can be easily damaged.
The most reliable option is transportation in the factory box. In it, the computer monitor is tightly clamped with foam inserts and protected from outside influences.
It is worth paying attention to the fact that only the screen is quite fragile, the other parts of the product are distinguished by their strength characteristics. Therefore, it is only necessary to isolate the screen.

Self packing computer monitor or TV screen

How should the LCD TV screen or computer monitor be packed. There are many different photos of packaging of this kind of products on the Internet. It can be noted that in the pictures from the Internet, some monitors are carefully packed precisely in an air-bubble film.
Packing the screen in such a film does not protect it from external factors. Albeit more evenly, but the external impact on the monitor will be transmitted through the same air bubbles and may lead to screen failure. By relying on this type of packaging, the carrier or seller is likely to impose an unnecessary service in this way and sell the packaging material itself, succumbing to temptation, or it is incompetent in matters of delivery.

How should the monitor or TV be packed?

When moving office, the correct packaging of monitors looks like this. Several monitors having the same dimensions are placed screens to each other. Between them, a sheet of durable cardboard is laid across the entire plane, and after tape or stretch film, these monitors are attached to one another. You can do without cardboard here, as the screens do not touch due to the protruding edges. Cardboard only helps to prevent scratches on plastic.

You can pack TVs for transportation in this way – cardboard is applied to the TV screen, which is fixed with adhesive tape or stretch film. When transporting in a truck, the TV is placed with the screen towards the side, in this position it should be fixed. At the same time, for this kind of transportation of the TV, the vehicle van must be equipped with a special device for fastening to the board, while the board must be extremely flat.

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