How to organize a move so that all employees are satisfied

So that the move does not lead to a revolution on the ground, that is, discontent among employees, you need to follow a few simple rules.

The most important thing is to organize a turnkey office move with the help of specialists in their field, that is, a moving company who will take care of all the issues. Do not involve your employees in transportation, loading, packaging or purchasing. After all, they are specialists in a completely different field.

Another important point is the location of the new office. The organization of the move and the move itself should not entail a significant deterioration in conditions for the majority of the team. Even if your goal is to save money, choose an office that will be conveniently accessible from anywhere.

Warn employees about the planned move in advance, and the day before, ask them to pack and be sure to sign personal belongings. It would be ideal if they also put stickers on their desks and work chairs. It only takes a few minutes, but it will simplify the arrangement of furniture. By the way, if you want to cheer up your colleagues, you can add pleasant wishes on the stickers, and the first day in a new place will start with smiles!

If your new office is smaller than the previous one, you should not seat colleagues more tightly. The saying “in tight quarters and not offended” is often true, but you should not test its truth on your employees. Excess and unnecessary furniture can be handed over for safekeeping to specialized warehouses.

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