How to organize a move so as not to paralyze the work of the office

Perhaps the most important advice for a manager who does not want the move to paralyze the work of the office for a long time is to order an “office move” service from a moving company.

In this case, all worries about the collection and packaging of furniture, equipment and documentation, packing for moving, subsequent transportation and collection will fall on the shoulders of specialists. During an office move, rigging is often needed – to transport heavy safes, large-scale stands, signs and other things.

Moving companies also provide safekeeping services for furniture or other property, which are often needed during a move. Some companies even have such a service as a “night move”, in which case employees come to their new jobs in the morning and there are no pauses in office life at all.

But even in the event that you ordered a move from professionals, you will still have a few important things to do.

First of all, you need to think in advance about the seating arrangement of employees and the arrangement of furniture in the new office. It is important to take into account such nuances as, for example, the location of outlets, so that when arranging furniture, you do not have to urgently change all plans.
if the entrance to the office is possible only with passes, it is necessary to ensure the unimpeded entry of vehicles of the moving company both to the old office and to the new one.

Also, do not forget to write out passes to the offices of the entire team that is moving.
your system administrator needs to disable appliances and computers.

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