Move-in with pets

The best solution would be to order a turnkey move in a professional company. This will allow all the problems of organizing an apartment move to be shifted onto the shoulders of the moving team – they will be engaged in packing and labeling the property, disassembling and subsequent assembly of furniture, and transportation itself. In addition, A-Logistic has its own safekeeping warehouse, which may be needed if you do not plan to use some of the things yet.

While the professionals are busy moving, you will have the opportunity to think through all the issues related to the animals. If you are the owner of a dog, then the main thing is that during transportation it is with you. It is also important to provide drink during the journey during the hot season. Cats are transported in carriers, it’s better not to take them in your arms, they can get scared from an unusual situation and hide in a secluded corner.

The situation is more complicated with hamsters and guinea pigs. So that they do not get nervous, small pets are transported in their own cages, but it is extremely important to exclude all drafts and insulate the space, as these animals are very sensitive to temperature changes and can get sick. Similarly, you need to do with birds in cages.

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